Bum Rush Tour – Banzai Rock Skate Park, Hawaii

After a disappointing wave check at Rock Piles, the Sun Bum crew decided to move the contest to the skate park across the street, where it’s always seven-foot and glassy. Lots of concrete shredding went down with lots of local talent, but it was 16 year-old Malakai Montes that took home the giant $1000 check.


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  1. […] In 2011, the Bum Rush Tour began rolling up and down the coasts looking for the best local surf and skate talent doing what they love to do. No application. No qualifiers. No entry fee. Fifteen minutes after the horn sounds somebody will get a big fat check for a thousand dollars. Right now the Bum Rush Tour is hitting up Hawaii, check out two of their most recent surf and skate competitions and find more sweet videos and info at http://bumrushtour.com/video/brt12-3/. […]

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